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Brain technology as a service to human beings

We scientifically measure the intensity of the emotions and feelings in a physiological way thanks to heart rate variability. We deliver actionable intelligence to help you take proper business decisions.

Translate feelings into objective data

Our mission

Emotions drive Behaviors, Heart Never Lies measures emotions and recommends actions.

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Did you know ?

Our brain is unable to objectively quantify emotion & feelings

Indeed, our brain can only use 20% of the energy produced by our body to properly fulfil all its functions, given that its priorities are to manage vital functions.

Our body, through our heart beat, provides rich data that can be used to build objective indicators.

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Our technology

Physiological Measurement of Emotions and Feelings thanks to Heart Rate Variability.
Measure everyone in every life situation.
Universal | No bias

Solid scientific foundations

Heart Never Lies provides a measurement tool for assessing emotional intensity. It analyses heart rate variability of people exposed to a stimulus or in life time situation.

Our technology relies on several patents and scientific publications, related to R Peaks automatic detection, signal normalization, parasympathetic tones quantification and transformation of exploitable emotional data.

Our technology is unique, thanks to two key features: inter-individual normalization and emotional scale calibration.

Inter-individual normalization: enables you to reduce the number of participants in a panel and to remove the bias caused by extraneous variables such as age or gender.

Emotional scale calibration: provides a standardized measure of the emotional intensity of the panel participants, allowing for real-time data processing.

Our key indicators

Emtional engagement




Wellness level

Wellness level

Stress level

Stress level

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our solutions

We quantify emotional engagement, wellness and stress , in action, without behavioral bias to drive efficiency and predict performance

Objective and cost-effective measurement system, easy to set up and use.

Heart Never Lies enables you to quickly obtain reliable and objective data to help you address your challenges, such as improving brand engagement, stimulating memory retention and recall, increasing performance at work, in driving situation, reducing stress and more.


You would like to get consumer feedback on marketing content you intend to produce? 

You want to improve brand engagement, stimulate learning or memorization ?

You want to increase performance or well-being at work ?

You would like to predict risk behaviors in driving situation or improve driving comfort?

You want to reduce stress ? 

Feel free to contact us for a feasibility study and we will get back to you with a tailor-made proposal.

The cost of our service usually depends on 3 factors: number of panel participants, scope of the study and detail level expectations.


Heart Never Lies is a revolution for advertising assessment!

Biometric data collected by Heart Never Lies, combined with traditional qualitative research, are highly powerful tools to help us assess the effectiveness of advertising content and drive marketing actions and budgets. SOM is proud to be an Heart Never Lies expert in Canada. 

Julie FortinVice-President SOM inc.

Honored for ActFuture to be a Heart Never Lies expert!

The emotional intensity measurement technology developed by Heart Never Lies is the achievement of my dreams in terms of marketing studies! It offers huge potential and I am looking forward to sharing with you the positive outcomes of our work in the near future.

Isabelle FabryChief Emotional Officer Actfuture

An ad-hoc hybrid study approach based on significant consumer emotions

Emotions have become a new data and it is crucial to decrypt and exploit them. Heart Never Lies delivers a perfect combination of qualitative data and numerical emotional indicators to better understand consumer behaviour and address new marketing expectations. 

Véronique ChocrySous le Sens Studies Director | Studies Division Netco Group

I’m working at Heart Never Lies with passion and belief

It’s all about my passion for science that allows us to go beyond known limits to deliver actionable and innovative new solutions to our clients. And it’s about my belief in the technological lead and scientific relevance of the solution we offer today, and that we will keep developing in the coming years.

Guillaume BERNACTO Heart Never Lies

About us

At Heart Never Lies, we strongly believe in developing technology solutions that  serve human beings, helping people feel more in line with their life expectations.

Heart Never Lies is specialized in the physiological measurement of emotional intensity.  We objectively measure physiological variations related to emotions and analyze them in real-time thanks to a unique technology. Our technology leverages several patents resulting from clinical health research activities.


Heart Never Lies is pleased to be part of EuraTechnologies, the leading start-up accelerator in France & ranked Top 3 in Europe.

We are proud and delighted to have joined the Microsoft for Startups Europe Program :

Co-Sell • Bus Dev • Cloud Technology • Go-to-Market clarity.

Microsoft for startup

A multidisciplinary team

Damien du Fretay
Partner & Chairman

Nicolas Vera
Partner & CCO

Stéphane Rigaut
Partner & CFO

Guillaume Berna
Partner & Chief Science Officer

Ambroise Recht

Laureen Aubert
Project Leader

Asmae Ouahman
Project Leader


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